Call of the Blue Heron: A Novel


After receiving a life altering phone call, Allie Gerard leaves her life in California and heads to the small country town of Hagerman, Idaho. The only explanation she leaves for her family and friends is that she’s finally getting the chance to try her hand at photography and refusing to let them know where.

As Allie explores the beauty of Idaho through her camera lens she gets to know some of the locals, including Cash and Kat Brown, a father and daughter duo with whom she begins to spend her free time. Allie finds herself seated at the Brown’s dinner table a little more often than she’d expected and begins to fall in love with more than their simple way of life.

As time passes, she finds herself struggling with the burning inside her heart and the echoes of her past, knowing she must make some hard decisions that could end up hurting more than her pride.

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Rylie Johnson is living her dream as a best-selling author in New York with her husband, Spencer and their imaginative little boy, Alex. As she prepares for the release of her newest book and upcoming book tour, her world is turned upside down when she receives a phone call from home. She must return to Idaho, the place she left twenty years ago and help care for the woman who raised her. Rylie comes face to face with the past she worked so hard to forget and learns things aren’t always as they seem.